The Nuts and Bolts of Projector Mounts

Projector mounts installed

Learn how to mount a projector with our easy step-by-step guide.

Projectors are an important part of conference rooms, schools, houses of worship and home theaters everywhere. But setting up projector mounts can be intimidating—the fear of thousands of dollars of expensive electronics plummeting from the ceiling is real.

Setting one up doesn’t have to be complicated, though—either for professional installers or DIYers. Follow these basics for a no-hassle setup.

1: Determine where you want your screen first.

Projectors are designed to project at a specific distance and height. Mark out your screen first, but don’t mount it yet. Use a reliable tape measure like the Stanley FATMAX 25-Foot Auto-Lock Tape Measure.

Marking out the screen before mounting allows you to figure out projector placement. You can then adjust the screen location without having to move the whole screen. Don’t jump the gun—you might have to do the same work twice if you do.

2: Calculate your projector placement.

You can use a projector calculator to help with this step.

There are 3 things to consider:

  • Throw distance. Projectors have an optimal distance from the screen, which is listed on the projector itself. If you set up projector mounts outside of this distance, the projection can get fuzzy.
  • Vertical offset. This is where the image is projected in relation to the projector’s vertical alignment. Some projectors allow you to adjust this by moving the lens, but it should be as close to neutral as possible to minimize distortion.
  • Horizontal lens shift. This is the same as vertical offset, just horizontal. Ideally set at 0° for the same reasons.

3: Mount your projector.

For this step, you’ll need a few tools:

You also need a projector mount like the Omnimount 3N1-PJTB Universal Projector Mount.

Mount the ceiling plate with the included lag bolts first. Getting this in place gives you something to hang the projector from. Don’t try to mount the projector on the ceiling—mount it to the projector plate first while you’re on the ground. Lift the projector and slide it into place, secure it and you’re good to go.

Carefully follow your calculations from step 2 to get your alignment right and make sure the image is clear and free of distortion.

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Once you’ve set up the screen and made adjustments, you’re done, and your projector is ready for presentations, movie nights and more. Check out our projector and screen selection, as well as all the tools you or your customer will need to set one up on