Family Night Activities

Family Night

Making Family Night Count

Spending time with the family is always a good idea—but what happens when different family members want to do different things? It can be hard enough to get each family member home at the same time, let alone to agree on an activity. Family night can quickly turn from a fun-filled evening into bickering and indecision.

When families inevitably come to that conclusion, make sure you’re stocked up on the latest and greatest family entertainment options. Occasionally, families might be open to suggestions to help guide them towards a fun-filled family evening, so don’t be afraid to recommend ideas to them! There are countless ideas out there for family night activities, and we’ve got a few recommendations to suit a variety of themes.

Video Game Night

Modern Innovations

  • One great source of family bonding can be found in video games old and new. For the younger crowd, focus on enhancing the PlayStation or Xbox One experience with controllers and joysticks. Stocking racing add-ons—such as steering wheels and pedals—can appeal to almost any age of virtual thrill seeker.

Retro Fun

Karaoke Night

Machines Made to Rock

  • Give families what they need to enjoy an unself-conscious sing-along with wired or Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machines. Whether families are looking for microphone replacements or entirely brand-new systems, it’s best to be prepared. Some karaoke machines come with built-in screens while others double as dual DVD/CD players.

Pump up the Party

  • Most karaoke machines come with two microphones for duet purposes, not to mention attention-grabbing features like LED lights that flash in sync with the music. For those families who really want to rock, speaker systems are an awesome addition to any karaoke set. Whatever their preference may be, make sure families are ready to get down.

Outdoor Night

On the Run

  • Technology doesn’t have to come at the expense of outdoor time; in fact, it can enhance it. Wearable fitness trackers come in all sizes—including for kids—and function as useful additions to family walks. For the more rigorous family or outing, brands like Garmin provide cycling computersradar tail lights and GPS units to make night cycling safer.

Home Fitness

  • Perhaps home fitness is something families are interested in; if that’s the case, stocking items like yoga mats or home gym items is always a good idea. And don’t forget the water bottles to keep everyone hydrated!

Family Dinner Night

Get Cookin’

Sets for the Family

  • Keeping entire cookware sets on hand isn’t a bad idea either, just in case families are looking for brand new ways to cook together. Families know there’s nothing like fellowshipping over a great meal they prepared together. There are even products for after-dinner table cleanup!

Make It Happen

Whether it’s video games, karaoke, cooking, the great outdoors or something else entirely, stocking diverse and fun options keeps you prepared for any request.

To help make these family nights possible, turn to, where you’ll find something for customers of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Help them make family nights evenings to remember!