Smart Kids, Smarter House

Smart House

Smart Kids, Smarter House

Smart Home technology is slowly becoming more and more ubiquitous throughout the country—that means that kids are becoming more influenced by that technology.

Voice controls, home automation and easy-to-use devices all help children learn new things. They can experience technology and be safer in a way that they never could before. Children are more connected to the world. But, parents can also utilize the technology in their smart house to keep up with and help their kids, and ensure their safety.

Controlling a Smart House 

Home automation is something kids and adult can engage with easily:

  • Smart hubs and digital assistants allow kids to adjust house conditions with their voice.
  • Doorbell devices can keep kids and parents feeling safe by showing who’s at the door and recording for safety.
  • Surveillance systems are an easy way for parents to make sure kids are safe and staying out of trouble even when they can’t be there, adding more peace of mind.

Technology for Kids

Products that incorporate Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri provide kids with a way to ask questions, get answers and learn new things—all by just talking to the speaker. These products might not have been specifically designed for them, but with how easy it is for kids to interact, learn and entertain themselves, this is definitely technology for kids.

As parents, your customers can use these products for bonding and teaching moments with their kids. They can easily incorporate products that feature digital assistants into their home to have a truly smart house and open a new realm of possibilities for their children.

Technology for Infants

Parents now have the option to check in on their infant from any room in the home, day or night, with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens. Plus, products like the Linear Wireless Door/Window Sensor or the Dome Battery-Operated Siren use Z-Wave technology to connect to a Z-Wave certified hub and alert users when a door or window has been opened. These sensors can also be placed in areas where hazardous chemicals are stored for added security.

Technology for Teenagers

As teens are prone to entering and leaving the house of their own accord, the GE 120dB Motion-Sensing Alarm with IR Keychain Remote is ideal for this age group, as the keychain remote can enable/disable the alarm. And since they may come and go as they please it’s important that they can always get into the house. The Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint & Touchscreen Smart Lock ensures a secure entrance no matter the time, and no matter who else is home.

Stay Connected and Protected 

Obviously, voice assistants aren’t the only way kids are connected in their smart house. There is a lot of different technology for kids on the market:

  • Many kids will use an iPad or other tablet to stay plugged into the other smart tech around the house. Parents can easily set up restrictions to ensure their kids aren’t seeing anything they shouldn’t.
  • The ryfi Kids’ Network Router allows users to give their kids a set amount of Wi-Fi time by earning tokens for doing chores, reading or other tasks!

When your customers live in a smart house, protecting their kids online is a breeze.

Kids Need Tech and Smart Houses Deliver

Smart Houses are the way of the future and kids have embraced that tech with open arms. They also learn and experience things in new ways. This smart technology is the ideal way that parents can facilitate that learning while ensuring it is still safe.

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