Two Auto Accessories That Will Boost Add-On Sales

Auto Accessories

Driving Sales and Safety with Auto Accessories

Driving a car can be unpredictable—there are many different distractions and variables that make no two drives the same. Whistler is a leader when it comes to auto accessories that help keep drivers aware and make drives safer. Their selection of dash cams, back up cameras and radar detectors give consumers a support system every time they take off in their vehicles.

Whistler has garnered an international presence thanks to their state-of-the-art mobile electronics and radar detection systems. They hold patents on many product advancements and have accomplished top performance rankings on their products.

They have combined quality and innovation in their auto accessories to ensure each product makes life on the road safer.

Laser/Radar Detector

Staying fully aware on the road can be a challenge. But with the right laser/radar detectors you can help make it easy for your customers.

The XTR-130 Laser/Radar Detector has a bright icon display, 3 city modes and comes packed with other features that will keep users alerted while they are on the road. Its easy-to-read display and tone alerts ensure that the drivers can quickly know their surroundings without taking their eyes off the road. The Total Band Protection, Icon Display and 360° Total Perimeter Protection make it a great introduction to laser/radar detectors.

For customers that are in need of more advanced detection, the CR95 Bilingual Laser/Radar Detector will be exactly what they are looking for. This detector features Advanced MMIC technology for maximum sensitivity and range on it’s the 3 city modes or highway mode. It includes Whistler’s most recent advancement, Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection, to keep alerts from triggering due to blind spot and collision monitors on other vehicles. The CR95 is ideal for drivers that spend a lot of time on the road and need a helping hand.

Backup and Dash Cameras

Backup and dash cameras have become two of the most used auto accessories. You can give your customers products they know they can rely on.

The WBU-1000 Digital Wireless Backup Camera features 2 solar panels for convenient recharging and doesn’t require any drilling or hardwiring. It easily sets up behind a license plate to see and alert drivers of potential collisions while reducing blind spots.

If customers are more worried about keeping a video of what’s happening in front of the car, recommend them the D14VR HD Automotive DVR. This dash cam is great for documenting beautiful scenery on road trips and can help provide footage in case of an accident. It records in full HD and saves to a microSD Card. The easy windshield mount and 120° viewing angle means your customers won’t miss a moment on the road.

Stay Alert to Sales Opportunities with Whistler 

Make sure your customers have the reliable auto accessories they need from the industry leader. Whistler’s innovation brings added safety and awareness to customers on the road.

See our complete selection of Whistler products at and help your customers get to their destination safely.

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