Holiday Safety Tips: Insuring the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Holiday Safety Tips

Excitement and frenzy build during the holiday season. Everyone is dashing back and forth procuring the perfect gifts, finding the right turkey, decorating their homes—all while unaware of some rather frightening statistics about holiday safety. Packages stolen right off porches, house fires, cooking accidents and more spike during the holiday season. However, there’s no reason to fear. Petra is here with some holiday safety tips!

This information is invaluable when informing customers of holiday security threats, ensuring they make wise purchasing decisions. According to Security Sales & Integration, demand for smart home security devices and systems will have increased by 26% by the end of the year—to $3.4 billion annually.

Now is the time to stock up on security and safety essentials to gain valuable Q4 wins!

Package Theft Prevention

According to, nearly one-third of Americans have had a package stolen right off their front porch or doorstep. Surprisingly, most thefts take place during the day because most people are at work. Those numbers appear to be rising during the holiday season. In 2017, 25.9 million Americans reported a holiday package stolen off their porch—and they only discovered the theft after heckling with shipping companies and manufacturers.

How can you help your customers prevent this added stress during holly jolly days?

Security camerascan deter thieves or identify them in the case of a stolen package. If your customers are looking for something a little more robust, security systems can provide complete home observation and peace of mind whether they’re home or not.Video doorbells—like the U-Bell DB1 Wireless Video Doorbell—add an additional layer of security whether the family is home or not.

“Have I Been Burgled?”

No! Make sure your customers are never left asking this question. The number of burglaries spikes during the holidays according to CNN Money, and while outdoor security systems can alert you to a burglar’s presence, there’s little they can do to stop them if nobody is home. Shockingly, most burglars enter homes through unlocked front doors.

That’s why home surveillance items like security sensors, alarms & accessories and door hardware & accessories are so important. These security measures can prevent burglars from entering homes. Some can even alert neighbors or police in the event someone actually breaks in.

Only You Can Prevent House Fires

Christmas trees, holiday decorations, candles, holiday cooking and fireworks all cause holiday house fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, most holiday fires occur due to either Christmas trees (due to electrical or lighting malfunction) or holiday decorations (once again due to electrical malfunctions).

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, with the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas day following close behind. Petra’s lineup of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors can alert customers in the case of a fire, and our fire safety accessories can help suppress smaller kitchen fires before they get out of hand. In a worst case scenario, fire safes can help protect your customers’ most important documents or valuables.

And to All a Good Night

Increased risks exacerbate the heightened frenzy of the holidays. Making sure your customers are prepared for any holiday event—be it joyous or gloomy—insures a happy, hassle free holiday season. No matter you or your customers surveillance, safety & security needs, make sure to visit to outfit your inventory. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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