Design a Home Theater—How Does All of This Connect?


Your customers have the TV/projector and screen, sound system, media player and entertainment center they need to design a home theater. The question now becomes, “How will they connect all of this to make the perfect home theater?”

The short answer is by using the right cables, connectors and accessories from Tripp Lite. Their connection solutions will make designing a home theater a breeze for your customers. And once these connections have been sorted out, Tripp Lite’s cable management products and mounts can ensure devices are right where they need to be, and cables are gathered and hidden away.

Tripp Lite’s Solutions

Tripp Lite’s solutions of mounts, HDMI cables/connectors, digital audio cables and splitters are just a few of the products that can make it easy for customers to design a home theater.

Let’s Start the Video 

Whether your customers are using a high-dollar projector, 4K television or just a middle-of-the-road TV, Tripp Lite provides the right cable for the job. HDMI cables have become the norm in transferring video and for good reason. They can really do it all.

  • HDMI cables transfer uncompressed digital audio and video for the highest image quality.
  • HDMI cables are backwards compatible with earlier interfaces such as DVI.
  • They are cost-effective and can replace many cables that may be running behind the devices.

Overall, HDMI cables offer an enormous benefit when used for a home theater, since they transfer both audio and video. And Tripp Lite also provides HDMI connectors should they need to convert the HDMI or adapt for connection.

What About the Sound System?

If your customers are wanting sound from external speakers—like trying to achieve surround sound—they will need more than just an HDMI cable to fully accomplish that. This will require the right audio cables to run the sound to their speaker system.

It is important to let your customers know that they must run an HDMI cable from the DVD player—or other entertainment device—to the TV/projector and then run the audio cables directly to the speakers or speaker system hub from there.

If they don’t follow this method, they could end up with a delay between the audio and video. Getting theater-quality sound requires an external speaker system, so offer Tripp Lite to make sure your customers have the right cables for their setup method.

Mount Up and Get Those Cables Organized

 With all the cables needed to design a home theater, cable management will be required to keep it all organized. Tripp Lite has simple solutions like zip ties and VELCRO ties to keep the right cords together and tangle free.

And if your customers are searching for a way to get their TV in the perfect position,Tripp Lite mounts can assist with that too. Petra carries a wide variety of Tripp Lite wall mounts for any size TV.

Use Tripp Lite to Design for Success

 When it comes to designing a home theater Tripp Lite has the products to make it easy. Their cables, connectors, accessories and mounts will give your customers the ability to set their home theater up exactly how they want it.

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