CES 2019 Highlights

CES 2019 Highlights

Every Company Is a Tech Company

CES 2019 by the numbers:

  • 180,000+ attendees
  • 4,500+ exhibiting companies
  • 2.9 million net sq. ft. of exhibit space

CES 2019 has come and gone. How much of the technology on display will go mainstream is anyone’s guess. But the big takeaway is that every company should adopt the attitude that they are a tech company.

This was reflected in surprising first-time exhibitors:

Other exhibits grabbing a lot of attention included:

CES 2019 from Petra’s perspective

CES is normally known for its circus feel and concepts that will never see the light of day. As the sun set on CES 2019, this year’s feeling was a bit different.

By far the biggest buzzword for this year’s show is “cooperation.” If 2018 was the year of what technology can do for you, 2019 was more about what we can do with technology. We are now seeing collaboration from such giants as Apple, Samsung and LG. That means instead of competing on hardware exclusivity, companies must compete on the quality and features of their services, leading to better experiences for consumers. And AI-assistant products from Amazon, Google and Apple now have a more natural fit into daily activities instead of just being gee-whiz gimmicks.

Petra spent four productive days meeting with current and new vendor partners, exploring lineups for 2019 and laying the roadmap for a successful partnered sales year.

We saw exciting new products from our partners such as:

  • Omron HeartGuide blood pressure watch, a Best of CES winner
  • Aftershokz Xtrainerz headphones are completely waterproof and have 4GB of MP3 storage, so users can wear them underwater
  • WAGZ Go Smart Pet door and Explore Smart Collar
  • Pioneer Smart Sync which turns an iPhone or Android device into a car radio display

Reflections on CES 2019 highlights

CES is always larger than life. It’s where tech meets dreams. Where the implications of AI and 5G are explored by both companies and countries. And where elements that might one day create an AI-powered and connected world to better humanity are showcased in amazing ways.

It’s simply impossible to thoroughly explore CES in the four days that it’s open. So, Petra must divide and conquer the floor space, balancing exploration for new vendors and products with networking opportunities with our current vendor partners. It can be hard to stay on task with so many shiny objects vying for attention! But we always come back with exciting new products for our retailers and eCommerce customers. Keep your eye on Petra.com over the next few months as our new finds roll out!

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