On Track to Success with Petra and Cube Tracker

EDMOND, Okla. Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Cube and its family of discreet Bluetooth® device trackers.

Cube is a small, squareshaped tracker with an easytouse app that helps people find everyday items quickly. Cubes can be attached to keys, placed in wallets, purses, backpacks or stuck to just about anything. The app can ping the selected Cube to ring, alerting the user to its location. A Cube can also be used to ring its paired, but misplaced cell phoneeven if the phone is on silent or the app is closed.

Petra is the exclusive distributor of the original Cube Tracker and secondgeneration Cube Shadow. The Shadow is thinner than the Tracker with louder volume and greater tracking distance. Both use Bluetooth® lowenergy technology to locate tagged items, which results in longer battery life. 

If a Cube is moved out of a range, users can mark their Cube as lost in the app and every phone on the Cube network will look for that lost item. Once located, a private message is sent.

Consumers want devices that make their lives less stressful and more productive,” says Petra President Tate Morgan. “Cube is exactly that. It is a functional product for everyday life. And it provides a quick and easy way to locate frequently misplaced items. For stores and resellers that specialize in lifestyle, consumer technology, smart home, wearables and travel, Cube products will be a strong addition to their product lineup.”

For more about how Cube products make the lost become found, go to www.petra.com 

About Petra

Petra is the industrys consumer technology authoritydistributing products for more than 500 brands. They bring tens of thousands of top namebrand products to tens of thousands of retail/etail partners. Founded in 1985 with a focus on and passion for accessories, today, Petra serves markets with products from categories like smart home tech, gaming, outdoor tech and more. The most soughtafter hardware and addons in consumer technology are stocked at Petras 525,000 sq. ft., stateoftheart distribution center and are distributed all over the country. Petra is a member of CTA and CEDIA. For more information on Petra, visit www.petra.com or call 1-800-443-6975. The Right Distributor Changes Everything.



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