Man’s Best Friend: Pet Tech Products

How much do Americans love their furry, four-legged best friends? Billions of dollars’ worth, according to the American Pet Products Association. By the end of 2018, Americans spent $72.13 billion on pet costs over the course of the year. $10 billion of that was spent on pet tech products and accessories—not including vet visits, food or other care. What are some of the big pet tech trends that will hold in 2019?

2019 in Pet Tech

According to a study published in November 2018 by Michelson Found Animals Foundation, 2019 will see a rise in 3 major pet tech areas: more smart technology, alternative pet health therapies and more pets eating like their owners. Let’s break those down and find out exactly what this means.

Smart Tech for Smart Pets

From health and nutrition to smart toys and monitoring, our pets are beginning to live in a tech-filled world that rivals ours. In fact, 56% of pet owners say they have special tech just for their pets.

Alternative Therapies for Fido

68% of pet owners across the US use alternative therapies to care for and treat certain health and behavioral issues—and most of these therapies involve CBD oil.

Food for Our Four-Legged Friends

And finally, dieting isn’t just a human lifestyle anymore. Of the 45% of pet owners that say they follow a diet, 70% of them have put their pet on a special diet of their own.

Those are a lot of developments for a single year. Are all of our furry friends affected by these trends? Let’s break down some of the biggest pet demographics and their costs.

2019 Pet Trends Infographic
Image courtesy of Michelson Found Animals

Know Your Pet Demographics

Not all pets are treated equal. Let’s break down how much pet owners spend on different types of pets per month according to Business Insider:

  • Dogs: $140
  • Reptiles/turtles: $117
  • Birds: $114
  • Cats: $93
  • Rodents: $80

As we can see, dogs get most of the financial love. And Petra has plenty of pet tech products to keep man’s best friend happy and healthy.

Pet Tech Products for Pawed Friends

Let’s look at some of those products that will give you an edge in the pet tech space.


Automated playtime devices and fitness puzzles from iFetch and gosh! help customers keep their pets active, even if they can’t participate. Items like the iFetch Dog Ball Launcher keep pups playing for hours on end, and the easyPlay Robotic Pet Fitness Puzzle promotes activity automatically or via smartphone control.

Those owners who are interested in monitoring their pet’s activity will be interested in items like this Bean Waterproof Pet Activity Tracker keep track of pets movements—even if playtime gets a little wet.

Mealtime and Daycares

Wagz offer products that encourage healthy routines for pets and pet owners. This Serve Smart Feeder features portion and calorie control, as well as timed feedings. For those pet owners who have to be away from home all day, the Petzi Smart Treat Cam & Dispenser features a remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to connect with a pet from anywhere, at any time!

Go Fetch!

Pet Product News reports that sales of pet tech—specifically devices that feed, monitor, entertain and track pet activity—are expected to experience up to triple-digit growth between 2018–2019. Visit to shop our entire selection of pet tech products and capitalize on this growing market!