Danalock V3 Smart Lock: The Smart Home Enabler of the Future

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

According to TechRepublic, one of the top 10 smart tech trends that will dominate the market in 2019 are even more smart materials and devices. With our homes becoming smarter and savvier every day, our home security deserves to be just as clever as our other devices. That’s where the Danalock V3 Smart Lock comes in.

“But what is a smart lock?” I hear you say. “Why do locks have to be smart?” Great questions!

Ever had an armful of groceries and been unable to fumble your keys into a lock? Or had friends coming over, but can’t coordinate your schedules? Need to keep track of when your kids get home from school?

Smart locks solve all of these problems—and the Danalock V3 is a top-of-the-line example of how much they can do.

Danalock V3: The Smart Home Enabler

The Danalock V3 isn’t just a smart lock—it’s the trigger for every smart home command given whenever someone enters or leaves their home. The Danalock V3 is versatile, flexible and practical like no other smart lock.

Intriguing Danish Design

The Danalock V3 sports a sleek, simple Danish design with an advanced encryption algorithm that offers an elegant yet secure locking mechanism. Its anodized aluminum ensures both a unique finish and a scratch free surface.

Simple and Easy Setup

Danalock V3 is simple to install on any door. The easy to follow instructions provide a step-by-step guide to its simple setup.

Home Automation Protocols

While the Danalock V3 comes with Bluetooth by default, it’s also available with major platforms and gateway systems such as Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee.

Automatic Unlock

Whenever a homeowner approaches with arms full of groceries, kids or anything else, the Danalock V3 senses their approach and unlocks the door. It can even re-lock the door after someone closes it!

Flexible Access Control

Users can say goodbye to forgotten or misplaced keys. Since the Danalock V3 is controlled via smartphone, the user has complete control over access to their home. They can also create an unlimited number of digital keys for family members, friends, guests or housekeepers. They can even set up alerts to see when the lock was used and by whom.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Danalock V3 has an average battery life of over 12 months—depending on daily usage. All battery status is easily viewed in the app.

Danapad V3 Compatibility

Combined with the cutting edge Danapad V3—a smart access keypad— adds another valuable layer of security while still featuring the same incredible lever of interoperability as the Danalock V3.

More Security Options with Danalock

The Danalock V3 boasts some companions that increase security at any home or business. The aforementioned Danapad V3 features easy installation, the same flexible access as the Danalock V3 and easy management via the Danalock app. The Danabridge V3 simply plugs into a power outlet and connects to Wi-Fi, providing even more flexible access control for the Danalock V3. It boasts the same strong security system as the rest of the Danalock family.

As our phones get smarter, so does the rest of our lives. With those advances comes a need for even stronger home security, and that’s where Danalock comes in—adding convenience along the way. The future of smart home tech is here, and its name is Danalock.And make sure to visit petra.com for all the latest and greatest advances in Danalock and smart lock tech.

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