Petra Makes Workplace Communications Clearer With Kenwood

Updated 5/24/2019

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is pleased to announce their new lineup of KENWOOD business radios. JVCKENWOOD manufactures top-of-the-line Kenwood radios to equip professionals for almost any job site.

JVCKENWOOD believes collaboration through communication improves teamwork quality. That’s why they’ve developed their Kenwood ProTalk® series of business radios. ProTalk radios blend seamlessly into any business or work environment and are ideal for hospitality, restaurants, hotels, retail, music events and much more.

Founded in 1961, JVCKENWOOD Corporation has a reputation for bringing important new products to the consumer electronics market. Over the years, KENWOOD product engineers have invented dozens of new technologies that influenced other businesses for generations to come.

“JVCKENWOOD has taken a leading role in developing user intuitive communications equipment for over 50 years,” said Tate Morgan, President of Petra. “Their reliable, durable business radios better equips us to provide only the best in consumer technology. We expect our customers to experience success with this quality line of radios.”

The addition of the ProTalk series of radios to Petra’s Outdoor, Recreation and Fitness category brings more quality VHF/UHF business radios for their retail partners to take advantage of.

Browse Petra’s entire lineup of KENWOOD products at

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