Weathering Storms with Tripp Lite Surge Protectors


No matter where you live in the country, severe weather and natural disasters cause power surges and outages. Surge protectors and UPS backups may be something people take for granted throughout most of the year. As storm seasons approach, people begin to think twice about power protection in their homes and offices. But what exactly are surge protectors and UPS Backups? And why are Tripp Lite surge protectors such a great choice? Let’s break that down.

The Powerful Name in Surge Protectors and UPS Backups

Surge protectors do what they say—they protect against surges.

And what are surges? Surges are simply a massive spike in voltage above the recommended level. For most offices and homes, the standard voltage is 120 volts. In the event of a power surge, surge protectors prevent the overvoltage of electronics. It’s that simple!

And UPS backups? UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. It provides backup power when a main power source fails, meaning a power failure doesn’t interrupt the devices it’s powering.

Now that we’ve got a handle on surge protectors and UPS backups, let’s take a look at Tripp Lite and their history of reliable products.

Protected and Connected

Tripp Lite has been manufacturing quality products for nearly a century.

Since 1922, they’ve adapted to each technological breakthrough with ease while never losing their commitment to power and protect with their products. While surge protectors and UPS backups may seem simple at first sight, Tripp Lite prides themselves on powerful, innovative solutions to protect systems everywhere.

So, what are some of the best Tripp Lite surge protectors and UPS backups to keep electronics safe during storm season and year-round?

A simple yet effective piece of protection is this 7-Outlet Surge Protector. It offers economical AC surge suppression for protection of workstations, desktop PCs, telecom systems and other sensitive electronics. It’s ideal for a home or smaller office setup.

Looking for something with a little more protective power? This 12-Outlet Surge Protector offers nearly double the outlets, along with 1-line and 2-line out telephone and modem protection.

Tripp Lite also has an incredible variety of other surge protectors to choose from, so make sure to browse them all before making a choice.

What about UPS backups? Tripp Lite has you covered there too.

This 650VA OmniSmart LCD Tower Line-Interactive UPS System with LCD Display & USB Port offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and long-lasting battery support for personal computers, home entertainment systems and media centers. Its internal UPS circuits support entry-level PCs for up to 40 minutes or individual VCR/DVR components for as long as 2 hours.

Powerful, Innovative Protection

Whether it’s severe thunderstorms, ice storms, power surges or any other type of severe weather or natural disaster, Tripp Lite powers and protects homes and offices around the world.

And for all of your Tripp Lite and power protection needs, make sure to visit

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