What Is A Virtual Warehouse? Taking Advantage of Virtual Inventory Solutions

Virtual warehouses are the key to having a 360-degree view of the inventory, which is ideal for inventory optimization. But what exactly are they?

“Virtual warehouse.” That sounds like something out of a futuristic fan-fiction of The Office.

But it’s actually more of a business opportunity rather than something Michael Scott would use to procrastinate in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse.

The internet, ecommerce and mobile communications industries are changing retail. As a result, they’re changing the inventory nature as we know it.

How can a virtual warehouse help businesses like you?

What to Know About A Virtual Warehouse

What Is It?

Virtual warehouses are a type of distribution and fulfillment center. Inventory houses products and distributes them to third-parties on an as-needed basis. This virtual warehouse is the key to having a 360-degree view of the inventory.

They help you fulfill orders faster and meet customer expectations set by big players like Amazon.

With this, all of the supply chains work as a network. This network is then considered for fulfillment. The order arrives, putting a system into place. The network is consulted, regardless of where the product is, to identify the best possible way to fulfill the order as quickly as possible.

Who Can Use It?


The beauty of using a virtual warehouse to store products is that it doesn’t apply to one industry. Anybody can use a virtual warehouse, whether a business sells tech and gaming accessories or the hottest fashion.

Why Is It Needed?

The Importance of Virtual Warehouses

In the world of ecommerce sales and rising customer expectations, product management and order fulfillment are not easy. Every business’s motive remains the same: to have organized inventory management and order fulfillment while meeting the customers’ expectations. Most consumers have access to computers and fast-moving technology.

If they want something, they want it now.


The main advantage of virtual warehouses? Cost-reduction and user-handling flexibility. Users can share information. Therefore, this provides flexibility and ease of handling. The cost also reduces because the structure costs decrease. Using this kind of system delivers a variety of benefits to retailers. Systems including fast communication and real-time tracking help deliver the speed of information flow and analysis.

Picking Petra As Your Virtual Warehouse Partner

For Dropshippers

If you’re a dropshipping business, you know that a virtual warehouse is critical to maintaining your inventory and keeping the products you sell in stock. At Petra, we handle the logistics and shipping so that you can focus on boosting your profits and growing your business. We have thousands of top-selling and unique products to choose from the hottest brands your customers love.

Experienced employees staff our distribution center and equipped with the latest technology to move your products from Point A to Point B. When you dropship with Petra, there is no minimum order requirement.

Did we mention that we offer same-day shipping?

Running a dropshipping business is easier when you don’t have to deal with physical products. That’s why picking the best option for your business needs is crucial to your overall success.

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For Retailers and Ecommerce

Petra doesn’t offer virtual inventory solutions to dropshippers only—we also work with retailers and ecommerce partners! We connect businesses with the brands they need and the products their customers demand. We stay on top of industry trends to deliver every advantage to ensure success.

Our state-of-the art warehouse provides retailers and e-tailers with ordering and shipping solutions to quickly fulfill orders. And, our same-day shipping principle ensures your last-minute needs will never be a problem. Customer support is a must when picking the ideal virtual warehouse for your inventory solutions. So, Petra gives you dedicated sales support and live representatives to talk to during business hours. Above all, you won’t have to jump through hoops to talk to a real human. If you ever need to return product, our Easiest Returns Ever!™ system makes your return authorization requests convenient for you.

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Take Advantage of Virtual Inventory Solutions with Petra

You already know what you want—you want to make more money, give your customers the products they want at prices they love and more time to focus on growing your business.

You get everything you want with a virtual warehouse.

Use Petra as your ideal solution. Click here to get started today.

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