How to Be Eco-Friendly

How To Be Eco-Friendly

Our world is a beautiful one—why wouldn’t it be worth fighting for?

It’s easy for consumers to choose convenience over a little bit of extra work i.e. some will use plastic bowls and spoons to save time on washing dishes. But practicing good habits that could benefit the environment doesn’t have to seem like a chore.

As the amount of damage to our planet increases, the ability to reverse that damage becomes less and less likely.

So how can moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle benefit consumers and businesses?

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Living for Consumers

Good for Overall Health and Quality of Life

Using products that contain minimally processed chemicals are proven to be beneficial for health. This applies to skin products, food, basically anything else that comes in contact with the human body.

In addition, sustainable companies have a smaller impact on pollution—this can contribute to more health air quality on a large scale.

With a greener planet, it’s easy to move forward to a cleaner and more beautiful environment, relatively free of pollution. With better air quality, surroundings and food, we are more likely to be healthier.

Lower costs

Going green can save you money in a variety of ways.

The U.S Department of Energy states that if buildings were all green-improved that the U.S. would use $20 billion less in energy every single year.

Consumers can also receive discounts by making their home a greener one. These energy savings can come up as part of fixing small things in the home or office that can reduce energy consumption.

As green products become cheaper and more easily available, it makes more sense than ever from a financial prospective to utilize green technologies.

Benefits of Going Eco-Friendly for Businesses

Financial benefits help your business thrive and survive

According to the Green Business Bureau, most any company or business can reap financial benefits when going eco-friendly. Benefits such as tax breaks, government subsidies and increased popularity and demand can be taken advantage of.

Those are not the only financial benefits a business or company can get if they decide to go eco-friendly. Here are some of the top benefits, according to the Green Business Bureau:

  • Increased demand for eco-friendly products results in increased profits
  • Increased savings from the use of organic and natural materials and smart energy use
  • Businesses benefit from the popularity of a green reputation

Creates jobs and improves existing employee morale

Going green doesn’t foster positive feelings only from customers. Employees feel happier working for green businesses.

Involving workers in company-wide green initiatives boosts morale. Employees feel that their health is cared for.

This is also a good way to reduce turnover—employees don’t want to leave a place that makes them feel as if they are a part of a work community that cares.

This article from Constellation provides some great tips for your employees to practice eco-friendly tips in the workplace.

Boosts demand for investment

According to Investopedia, global investment in renewable energy increased by 2% in 2017 with total transactions also increasing 1%. The green industry ended 2018 with new investments of $279.8 billion and transactions totaling $393.8 billion.

Green technologies will only get better if the free market produces enough demand.

The demand for hybrid vehicles, for example, has created a rapidly growing sector in the car industry. This principle applies to all green technologies. Demanding green products will ignite investment and produce new, cutting edge green products for consumers.

Now what can we do to do our part?

These tips and tricks make it easy for your customers to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. When you’re not focusing on your business, you and your family can use these tips as well.

3 Easy Ways Your Customers Can Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

 Anyone can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Help your customers lessen their carbon footprint on the environment with these easy-to-follow tips.

Use a reusable water bottle

Instead of wasting money on plastic water bottles, have them invest in reusable water bottles. The price of convenience is not worth the effect plastic bottles have on the environment.

According  to Small Footprint Family, “Each year, over 500 billion disposable bottles and cups end up littering our soil, rivers, lakes and oceans, killing countless fish and animals.”

Petra’s line of Asobu reusable water bottles make drinking water not just better for the environment but more fun and exciting. Eco-friendly products like the Pure Flavor 2 Go Water Bottle and Flavor U See Water Bottle even let consumers infuse their favorite fruits and veggies to give their water a delicious kick.

Stop buying plastic straws

Plastic straws cause major damage, too.

Because plastic has a lifecycle that extends long after it’s served any function, single-use products like straws often wind up in landfills or the ocean.

When your customers invest in reusable straws, they’re investing in the long-term health of the environment and improving their carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly reusable straws like this one from Petra are made from recyclable stainless steel, thus reducing waste and harm to the environment.

Reduce electricity consumption with LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are one of the easiest, cost-efficient products consumers can utilize to transition to eco-friendly living.

LEDs use less power and last longer than conventional light bulbs—homeowners won’t need to replace their light bulbs as much!

Many LED light bulbs even come with smart features such as voice control and app-based control schedules. Bulbs such as the Geeni Lux 800 Dimmable Warm White Wi-Fi LED Smart Bulb let consumers set a schedule for when they want the lights to grow or dim. And setup is so simple!

Where Do I Get Started?

With these easy tricks, you and your customers can effortlessly live a more eco-friendly life.

To get started on growing your green stockpile for them, head over to!

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