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wholesale gaming accessories

Prep your customers for E3 by supplying them with retro gear for their favorite consoles

The 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is quickly approaching, and anticipation is building as players like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony slowly release information about their big reveals. But what is E3? And how can you capitalize on the eager anticipation surrounding it? Thanks to Innovation, Petra provides wholesale gaming accessories to help you take advantage of the E3 hype.

What is E3?

E3 is perhaps the premier trade event for the video game industry, and hundreds of video game developers, publishes and hardware and accessory manufacturers attend. Many of these companies use this time to introduce or reveal upcoming software—like video games—or hardware—like gaming consoles. 

Among these developers and publishers are Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft’s Xbox console has been popular since it’s first generation. Nintendo has been in the video game industry since its massive resurgence in the 1980s. PC gaming is a niche market that grows every year. So, how can you prepare for fans of each?


Microsoft has been somewhat secretive regarding exactly what they’ll be debuting at E3—but fans are hopeful that they’ll debut some gameplay of Halo Infinite, the latest installment in the lucrative Halo franchise.

Fans will be itching to go all the way back to the first Halo game, so make sure they can with Innovation’s Green Controller for Xbox. A step up from the classic Xbox controller, this model features turbo fire, auto fire and a variety of other upgrades to make reliving the Halo experience—and other FPS games—more enjoyable than before.


Nintendo is expected to focus on the latest releases in their Pokémon series. Fans will be excited to revisit classic Nintendo titles—including some early favorites. 

Make sure that these gamers can relive their childhood with the Innovation AC Adapter for Nintendo Entertainment System. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to boot up a favorite NES title to find the AC adapter is busted. If the old AC adapter for their NES 8-bit system is broken or lost, this NES AC adapter makes a great replacement.


Sony will reportedly be avoiding E3 altogether, which—if true—will surely disappoint hopeful fans. You can alleviate these blues by returning them to brighter days with Innovation’s Controller for PlayStation 2. With this controller, they can revisit their favorite PS2 titles and wait for future Sony announcements.

Gear for Other Gamers

Other gamers will be eager to revisit classic titles as well. You can make this easy for SEGA fans with the Innovation AC Adapter for SEGA Genesis 2, Genesis 3 and Game Gear. Similar to their adapter for the NES, this replaces an original adapter so that SEGA fans can enjoy their classic games without having to worry about an old, failing adapter.

The Future is the Past

Innovation provides gamers with the classic accessories they need to enjoy older favorites. Petra is the choice Innovation distributor. So, make sure to see all of their products and more wholesale gaming accessories on petra.com.

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