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Streamlined Ordering Options by Way of the New

In a few short weeks, Petra will launch a brand-new online purchasing experience. Our teams have been working hard to get everything ready to roll out this August. The renovated presents a more intuitive wholesale buying opportunity to help you buy wholesale products.

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This week, we’re going to look at the ways your shopping experience will be streamlined, including new features and tools to help you with future orders. Primarily, there will be two big areas that we have focused on—navigation and ordering.

A New Way to Navigate

Finding wholesale product for resale shouldn’t be a hassle. The new has been designed to incorporate user-intuitive tools and options to help you buy wholesale and find the products you’re looking for quickly and logically.

Auto-Complete Search

The new will feature an auto-complete search function. You can begin typing in a, manufacturer name, product name, product number or SKU, and the navigation bar will automatically begin pulling in suggestions to help you quickly find the product you’re looking for.

Intuitive Product Filtering

Beyond the streamlined search functions, you will be able to filter products in new, intuitive ways. We are introducing more filter options to help you strategically narrow your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Vertical Reorganization

Additionally, to help you quickly find the products your customers want, we are currently going through to make sure each of our products are properly identified in the categories that make the most sense from a customer perspective.

Streamlined Ordering

Beyond searching for product, we are also introducing new ordering options that will help you place orders quickly, organize multiple orders to best suite your needs and quickly place a repeat order without going back through the whole process.

Multiple Shopping Lists

On the new, you can take advantage of multiple shopping lists. If you, or your business, have multiple ordering needs, this new shopping list feature will allow you to organize different orders without the hassle of placing multiple orders—so that you can continue doing business on your time and terms.

Repeat Ordering

The repeat ordering feature lets you easily access past orders, review and setup a new order. You don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for the products again. Just review and order—it’s that simple.

Quick Order Form

Your time is valuable, and the quick order form lets you make the most of your time on by allowing you to place an order, obtain a quote or add to a shopping list without ever leaving the page.

Matrix Form Ordering

Finally, one of the most exciting new additions to is the ability to view variant products without leaving the page. For example, if a headphone is available in blue, red and green, you’ll be able to view the options on a singular product page. Additionally, the matrix order form lets you strategically order quantity of variant from a single page.

Buy Wholesale with Ease

Everyone at Petra is excited about the new and how it will benefit your customer experience.

Make sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date on news, tips and information to make the transition when the time comes.

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