5 Account Features to Take Purchasing Wholesale to the Next Level

purchasing wholesale

In this series, we’ve outlined the exciting new changes coming to petra.com and how the purchasing wholesale experience will be streamlined yet enhanced.

This week, we’re going to be looking at five of the new or improved account management features that will give you greater control over purchasing wholesale and which of your employees can place orders.

5 New or Improved Account Management Tools

To give you more control over business operations and ordering within your company, the new petra.com incorporates several added or improved account management tools:

1. Corporate Account Management

With the new petra.com, you’ll be able to manage accounts across your organization—by sub-department, business unit and even geographic location. Your buying teams will have more or less flexibility depending on what you feel is necessary. Beyond this, you’ll be able to specify any specific structures your business might have, retain control of the purchasing process and ultimately, become involved in a much more efficient system. Ultimately, this user-friendly design gives you more options, more freedom and more control—helping you either monitor closely or delegate out purchasing decisions.

2. Controls, Roles & Permissions

To build off account management, you know how more options in providing the right access and information to the right user. To help your team make the right decisions, you can limit or expand their permissions by allowing access to only the data they will need to see to do their job and make decisions. This will streamline their process while giving you the confidence to know things are getting done the right way.

3. Order Approval Workflows

Flexibility is key. The way you do business could drastically be different from someone on the next block. The new petra.com emphasizes flexibility and control so that you can handle business on your terms. Order Workflows offer you more control and options to manage orders that are placed by your business through petra.com. If you need to instill checklists to check accuracy, no problem. If quick orders are vital, make it so. The way your company purchases is up to you.

4. Support for Multiple Addresses

Needing to dropship to different locations? Have multiple brick-and-mortar locations? No worries. You’ll be able to store multiple billing and shipping addresses to your corporate account to speed up the ordering experience.

5. Invoice History

Records are important in business. And keeping track of invoices new and old has never been easier than with the new petra.com. With your corporate account, you can verify that old invoices have been settled and quickly contact us if there are questions about either open or past invoices.

Purchasing Wholesale is Easier Than Ever

Our hope is that you will find the new petra.com to be an intuitive and efficient system for purchasing product wholesale.

Don’t forget to bookmark our information page to stay up to date on new developments and articles regarding the transition. And check back next week, when we post a new article highlighting even more great features.

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