New Shopping List Features Offer Added Convenience and Control


We hope you’re as excited about the new as we are.

The new will come with a host of new and redesigned features developed with you in mind. These features offer intuitive control of orders, accounts and more.

To help you prepare, we’ve recently highlighted key information that will be changing or updating, including:

This week, we’re going to take a look at the new and improved features of shopping lists. The shopping list function is important in organizing and managing your order. But, if you have multiple people placing orders for different purposes, it can be difficult to properly manage these orders—not anymore.

The new Shopping List function offers new and exciting ways to place orders. 


New, New Features, More Functionality

Finding your shopping list is easy. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, you’ll be able to navigate any shopping lists that you have set up. From this drop down, you will be able to quickly go to any of your current shopping lists or create a new list.

Create a New Shopping List

The “Create New List” feature is easy to access and allows you to title your shopping list. Let’s say each Tuesday, Employee A needs to place an order for their store in Oklahoma. This list could be titled either with the Employee Name or the Location, for easier organization and reference.

Adding to a List

Adding products to a shopping list is easier than ever before. Product can be added from the quick order screen on a product search result page by simply clicking update shopping list, or by selecting the desired shopping list from the drop-down menu—you’ll notice that a new shopping list can also be created from this stage as well.

Additional Features

Two additional features of our new shopping list tool are duplication and deletion.

If you have a shopping list and need to use it for multiple accounts, stores or purposes, you can easily duplicate it from the shopping list screen by simply clicking “duplicate”.

From the main shopping list screen, you can also delete a shopping list once it is no longer needed.

You can also edit the name of a shopping list by clicking the pencil icon next to the name.

Faster and Easier than Ever

With just a few short weeks remaining before the launch of the reimagined, we’re excited to continue highlighting new, exciting features.

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