6 Redesigned Features of Our Wholesale Product Pages

Wholesale Product

The launch date is getting closer, and we cannot wait to show you all that we have in store. Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at several of the big changes coming your way. You can read those articles here. This week, we’re looking at the redesigned wholesale product pages that you will interact with. Many features will be familiar to our current product pages, but with a modern look.

However, there will be a few new elements included—such as, variant selection, matrix ordering and a video carousel.

6 Exciting Features of our Wholesale Product Pages

1. Modern Layout

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While not a new feature, per se, the new product pages have a modern, intuitive new layout and look. The description is right at the top and bullets and specs are laid out next to each other. And the “Add to List” feature is easy to spot for quick buying.

2.     Variants

Variant/Matrix Selection will be to the right of the product image.

One of the most exciting new additions on the website will be variant selection. To help you find different color options, lengths, etc. You can now select these options from a central product page to speed up your purchasing time. Additionally, this will allow for Matrix Ordering.

3.     Matrix Ordering

Matrix Ordering allows you to purchase wholesale product by variant design from a singular page. If you want 20 blue headphones, 6 red headphones and 3 gray headphones, it can be ordered from one location!

4.     Video Carousel

Another enhanced feature of the redesigned product pages will be the video carousel. The Video Carousel will house all product videos that are available. This gives you access to more resources and information to learn more about the product, including features, benefits and uses. All of which is important information for your customers. 

5.     Product Resources

The additional resources can be found in the details section of the product page layout.

User Guides, Manuals and Spec Sheets are vital to building out product and selling to your customers. And now, you’ll have quicker access to those materials than ever before. These resources will be readily available to you from the product page.

6. Shopping List Access

buy product wholesale shopping list

Last week, we took a deep dive into all of the new features of the shopping list. As mentioned, you will have direct access to all of your shopping lists with the drop-down menu. And, you will be able to create a new shopping list from this same menu.

A Redesigned Wholesale Product Page to Redesign How You Purchase

All of these features have been designed with you in mind. We hope to give you the best experience possible.

To stay up to date on the latest changes and information, make sure you bookmark our central source for the relaunch of petra.com.

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