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Belkin Wholesale distributor Petra Industries
Wholesale Belkin Distributor Petra Industries

Belkin Connects Networking and Computing Accessories with Customers

Consumers want products that make their everyday lives easier. Ever since its 1983 inception in Chet Pipkin’s parents' garage, Belkin has had a mission to develop products that showcase the power of technology that makes people's lives easier and more fulfilling.

Belkin products create power, communication, education and cybersecurity solutions for everyday people as well as business professionals, leaving a broad customer base to cater to. The wide range of Belkin products opens up many great opportunities for you to help your customers improve their lives with easy-to-use products.

Petra is pleased to be a distributor of Belkin products to help you get your customers the prices they want, on the quality products that they need.

Belkin Wholesale Distributor Cables Adapters

A/V Cables & Adapters

Hook your customers up with great A/V accessories to complement all their devices. Whether it is a matter of getting a mini-DisplayPort to VGA for a business professional to use a projector or a child needing a headphone splitter to share a movie with a sibling, Belkin is the best.

Belkin Wholesale Distributor Hubs Docks

Hubs & Docks

Belkin produces hubs and docks that take on a minimalist, but fashionable look while providing the functionality and quality that consumers expect. Belkin stays in sync with the features consumers want from their syncing and charging devices.

 Belkin Wholesale Distributor Charging Cables Accessories


Wireless charging is here! Belkin has closely worked with Apple and Samsung to bring well-engineered, wireless chargers to the lineup. However, durable power cables are still in demand along with portable chargers. Get your customers amped for these new charging solutions.

Belkin Wholesale Distributor Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Power protection is important. Belkin’s top-of-the-line surge protectors help keep consumers’ expensive electronics safe in the event of a spike in power, and they offer efficient designs to enhance cable management or charge USB-powered devices conveniently.

Belkin Wholesale Distributor Education Accessories


Belkin can help classrooms and businesses become more technology friendly with charging solutions that can store and charge multiple tablets for classrooms. Lockbox versions are also available. Older students benefit from Belkin’s line of covers and stands that help protect their main learning device—their notebooks.