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Clarion Marine Supplier Wholesale Distribution from Petra Industries

Climb Aboard the In-Vehicle Global Market with Wholesale Clarion Marine Distributor: Petra Industries!

Weathered customers want tested, seaworthy products.

Clarion delivers those top-of-the-line quality marine systems that make your customers drop anchor and buy.

As the exclusive distributor of these award-winning products, Petra is any 12V retailer’s one-stop-shop for source units, speakers, amplifiers, remotes and extensive accessories.

Clarion’s integrated system solutions add real value, solidifying its strong reputation in the global market, and yours. And they further their established expertise by continuing to adapt to the ever-changing in-vehicle device market.

Sail into sales with Clarion’s purpose-built marine products from Petra.

Wholesale Clarion Marine Distributor A/V Systems

Marine A/V Systems

Maritime entertainment is smooth sailing with source units, remotes and accessories from Clarion. Media receivers with Bluetooth connect to all the devices customers love on land, and remotes and accessories make audio navigation easy.

Shop Clarion Marine A/V Systems

Clarion Marine Wholesale Dealer Speakers and Amps

Marine Speakers & Amps

Quality sound at sea is possible with Clarion. Explore Petra’s selection of marine speaker systems, water-resistant coaxial speakers, wakeboard tower speakers, high-performance subwoofers and Class D amps for unbeatable audio.

Shop Clarion Marine Speakers & Amps