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Wholesale camping equipment foldable chairs and camping tables
Wholesale Camping Furniture from Creative Outdoor distributor Petra Industries

Creative Outdoor – Foldable Furniture for Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor seating can always be tricky, especially when it’s needed at a backyard, campsite, tailgate or other away-from-home location. That’s where Creative Outdoor comes in to offer a solution. Their folding chairs, tables, benches or wagons could make all the difference to everyone involved—including your profit margin. Creative Outdoor works hard to offer comfortable, reliable and easy-to-setup foldable furniture.

Creative Outdoor’s seating solutions are designed to combine comfort and portability that can be used at any outdoor gathering. Whether it’s a yard, a campsite, a parking lot or a beach, Creative Outdoor is the right choice for your inventory.

Wholesale Foldable Camping Furniture distributor Petra Industries

Camping Furniture

No one wants to sit on the ground when they’re outdoors, so having the right folding furniture is imperative. Creative Outdoor’s folding furniture is easy to transport and setup at any campsite, beach or other outdoor gathering space for maximum comfort.

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Wholesale Camping Foldable Wagon distributor Petra Industries

Camping Accessories

Lugging things like drinks, lights, speakers and other necessary items to a gathering can be a struggle. Accessories like the Creative Outdoor Folding Wagon allow for all those items to be loaded up and transported across any terrain in just one trip.

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