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Garmin Products from Petra Industries
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Garmin Dealers: Navigate Customer Growth with Garmin Wholesale Distributor Petra Industries!

Trailblazers make the best customers.

They’re adventurers, they’re storytellers…

and they trust the name Garmin.

Petra has been an authorized Garmin distributor since 2001. But we don’t just offer the GPS and Navigation products that loyal customers recognize when they hear the name Garmin. We give you exclusive access to tons of Garmin’s innovative products across the Outdoor, Recreation and Fitness categories.

Don’t go it alone. Let Petra be your supplier for trusted Garmin products.

Garmin Dealers  - GPS Accessories


Garmin leads the pack when it comes to GPS and navigation products. Their high-quality lineup is easily integrated into consumers’ everyday lives, whether crossing land, sea or air.

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Garmin Distributor - Outdoor Recreation Action Cam Accessories


Superior value and consumer confidence are Garmin’s top priorities. Garmin has the outdoors covered with fishfinders, sports, and every adventure that customers are looking to outfit.

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Garmin Dealers - Fitness Trackers Watch Accessories


Garmin constantly updates and upgrades their fitness bands and sports watches to meet customers’ demands. In fact, Garmin makes it a priority to innovate products that meet ever-changing needs even before customers realize it themselves.

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