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GE Products distributor Petra Industries
Wholesale General Electric Distributor Petra Industries

GE Home Theater, Power and Protection Solutions from Jasco Company

Established in 1975, Oklahoma City-based Jasco designs, researches and develops some of the most comprehensive product offerings and innovative consumer products in home automation, lighting, security, home entertainment, power and mobility. Jasco's long-standing branding partnership with GE has garnered many innovation awards from CES, and their GE surge protector and GE power strip products are among their top sellers.

Picking the right Jasco distributor makes all the difference. Located just a few miles from Jasco, Petra has been a wholesale distributor of GE products by Jasco since 1999. The Jasco lineup available from Petra goes beyond GE with brands such as Cordinate, DC Comics, Disney, EcoSurvivor, Enbrighten, Energizer, Projectables, My TouchSmart, Nickelodeon, Power Gear and Uber branded products from Jasco. Petra's outstanding working relationship with Jasco ensures retail partners receive excellent wholesale pricing with enough product in stock to meet peak demands.

Wholesale GE power strips distributor

GE power strips

Power strips provide an easy way to plug in and control multiple devices in a way that an extension cord cannot. Power switches turn the entire strip on or off plus some models utilize twist-to-lock safety covers to keep unused outlets closed. Cord lengths on GE power strips vary.

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Wholesale GE surge protectors

GE surge protectors

Surge protectors take power strips to the next level by protecting against electrical surges and voltage spikes to keep connected electronics safe. The Joules rating indicates the degree of ability to absorb and dissipate the power of a surge. For home theater and custom install applications, GE surge protectors with a Joules rating of 2,000 or greater are ideal. Many also incorporate USB charging ports.

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Wholesale GE universal remote controls and home theater accessories

GE Home Theater Accessories

Behind every great entertainment system are the accessories that pull it all together. GE Indoor and outdoor antennas provide crystal clear over-the-air reception. Universal remotes are easy to use and control multiple devices. And speaker wire and cabling transmit distortion-free audio and video signals for vibrant color and superior sound.

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