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Hyundai Computing & Storage Products from Wholesale Distributor Petra Industries
Wholesale Hyundai Technology Petra Distributor

Hyundai Technology: Hot Computing & Storage Products

Hyundai Technology is a cutting-edge provider of computing technology. When it comes to data storage including HDDs, solid state drives, flash memory and more, Hyundai has everything your customers are looking for. They also build their own computers using their memory technology, including ultrabook laptops that frequent fliers are sure to love.

Whoever your customer is, they’re sure to find something to love from Hyundai Technology. Whether you're in need of a Hyundai laptop or data storage solutions, shop our wholesale lineup below.

Wholesale Laptops from Hyundai


Hyundai laptops are sleek and small, with all the components packed into a design that travels easily. With enough power to get work done wherever it’s needed, you can make sure that your customers can get things done, no matter where they go.

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Wholesale memory cards from Hyundai

Memory Cards

Hyundai’s microSDHC Cards are ideal for storing photos and videos for your phone, tablet, camera or other digital device. This is a truly reliable product to expand your device's storage capacity. they are high-performance for full HD video recording, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming, music and more.

Buy Hyundai Memory Cards

Wholesale Portable Media from Hyundai

Portable Memory

Tiny, portable data storage was just a figment of imagination twenty years ago. No longer—flash drives and memory cards are ubiquitous now, and they hold vast amounts of information. Fast, reliable Hyundai portable memory is perfect for any data storage needs.

Buy Hyundai Portable Memory