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linksys smart wifi distributor
linksys supplier network solutions

Leading Network Solutions from Linksys

Since their founding in 1988, Linksys has consistently been at the forefront of networking solutions. They started with printer sharers and quickly expanded to Ethernet hubs, networking cards and cords. Since then, they developed different lines of routers and modems to keep up with changing network requirements. Linksys has made it their goal to stay at the front of the networking curve by offering increasingly innovative products that meet each new networking need as it arises.

Their Velop Mesh Wi-Fi Systems are a prime example of Linksys’ continued innovation. The Velop nodes can be placed around the home or office to amplify WiFi signals, ensuring full-strength connections across the whole building.

Linksys Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi

Linksys Velop: The Only Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi Solution

Linksys explains: "What is Whole-Home Wi-Fi?"

Linksys Smart PoE+ Switches

linksys router distributor Petra Industries

Linksys Routers

Reliable routers are essential for a strong network. Linksys routers offer increased data security and some of the fastest transfer speeds available.

linksys ethernet network switches distributor Petra Industries

Linksys Network Switches

Linksys Ethernet switches allow for smart data transfer and help cutdown on data collisions. They offer great Ethernet solutions in a convenient desktop size.

linksys smart wifi extenders distributor Petra Industries

Linksys Smart WiFi Extenders

Linksys smart WiFi extenders help cut down on dead zones that can exist within a home. These extenders from Linksys bring consistent, quick WiFi speeds to any room in—or out of—the house.

linksys USB Network Adapters distributor Petra Industries

Linksys USB & Network Adapters

Some devices can’t connect to a wireless network on their own. USB and network adapters from Linksys allow a device to have the freedom of a wireless connection.