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Midland Communication Products for All Adventures
Midland Petra Distributor

Midland Communication Products for All Adventures

People love adventures, but communication can be difficult in the outdoors. Sometimes, using a cell phone is out of the question. In some instances, 2-way radios and CB radios might be the only way to communicate with the outside world.

Midland radios will keep users in communication wherever their adventures or travels take them. Midland has spent more than 50 years pioneering 2-way radio technology and is a leading supplier of 2-way radios, weather alert radios and has innovated emergency radio technology.

Provide quality and reliability to your customers with Midland.

Wholesale FRS/GMRS Radios from Midland


Midland’s General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios are designed for short-distance 2-way communication and require a license in the U.S. to be used. Family Radio Service (FRS) radios are an improved walkie-talkie system that does not require a license to be used.

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Wholesale FRS/GMRS Accessories from Midland

FRS/GMRS Accessories

Battery packs, headsets, chargers and microphones are all accessories that Midland offers for users to get the most out of their FRS or GMRS radios. These accessories keep the radios powered longer and allow for clear, hands-free use. Adding these accessories offers a more reliable communication experience—and a stronger profit boost for you.

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Wholesale Weather Radios from Midland

Weather Radios

When a TV is unavailable, or the power is out, customers need a reliable way to keep track of the inclement weather encroaching on their location. Midland’s weather radios have multiple weather channels and emergency power backups to keep them going when the power gives out.

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Wholesale CB Radios from Midland

CB Radios

Keep communication lines open with a CB radio. Midland’s CB radios work whether the user is hunting, hiking or participating in any other outdoor activity. They are durably built to withstand any adventure and have multi-channels to offer a maximum communication range.

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