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Digital TV antenna distributor
Wholesale Mohu Digital TV antenna distributor Petra Industries

Experience the Mohu Difference

Mohu Digital TV Antennas Drive Sales and Appeal to Cord Cutters

In 2007, Mohu was tasked with trying to find a way to protect military ground vehicles from IEDs. The result was an innovative, flat antenna technology that fit within vehicle mud flaps. Following the digital transition of broadcast television, Mohu recognized an opportunity to translate the military technology into a revolutionary TV antenna design.

The result? The paper-thin Mohu Leaf 30 digital TV antenna. It quickly became the highest-rated and best-selling HDTV antenna. Mohu continues to develop a variety of indoor and outdoor antennas that are aesthetically pleasing, strong, sophisticated and reliable.

Resellers and customers alike appreciate the award-winning designs, patented technology and discreet placement options that keep Mohu a strong seller in the HDTV antenna space.

Mohu Indoor TV antenna

Indoor TV Antennas

The Mohu indoor TV antenna line consists of Curve, Leaf, ReLeaf and Luma antennas, while the AirWave Wireless HDTV Network Streaming Device, a combo antenna and streaming device that works with WiFi, offers cord cutters the most open and flexible TV viewing option on the market. Be sure to check out the entire line of Mohu indoor antennas!

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Mohu indoor outdoor tv antennas

Indoor and Outdoor TV Antennas

The best reception of local signals is always better when the antenna is placed high like on a roof or in an attic. Mohu’s Outdoor TV antennas and indoor outdoor TV antennas feature sleek designs yet are extraordinarily rugged. If you’re seeking durable antennas with maximum placement options, take a look at these long-range Mohu antennas!

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Mohu HDTV antenna accessories

Antenna Accessories

To maximize antenna performance, don’t forget the Mohu accessories! The Jolt TV antenna amplifiers are small devices with big results. The Jolt Cylinder Amp is designed to work with nonamplified, passive antennas, adding a clean 15dB boost. The Distribution Amp splits a signal 4 ways for a whole home solution. Discover the benefit of these tiny dynamos!

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