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PetChatz Wholesale Pet Tech Solutions | Petra
PetChatz—Wholesale Pet Products Offer Pet-Tech Profits!

PetChatz—Wholesale Pet Products offer Pet-Tech Profits!

PetChatz products has found a way to bring all new innovation to the pet tech industry. They know that adult life is busy, making it hard to spend quality time with their four-legged friends. PetChatz took this issue to heart and used it as the basis for their products.

Their HD Digital Daycare setup gives pet owners the ability to easily communicate with their pets. Using the PawCall Button, pets can initiate a two-way video chat so pet owners can see and talk to their pets. And it can even dispense treats to reward your pet. All of this can be accomplished with the PetChatz companion app. PetChatz has innovative products that can bring pets and owners together, even if they’re worlds apart.

  1. PetChatz® PAWCALL PawCall® Button

    PetChatz PAWCALL

    PawCall® Button

    • Accessory for PetChatz® HD System
    • Works via Bluetooth®
    • Blinks when in Call Mode
    • Button press sends pet owner a message telling them that their pet wants to chat
    • Configures remotely on compatible smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Game Mode stimulates & exercises pet’s mind with custom light & touch puzzles—& treat rewards with press of button
    • Easy pet training protocol
    • Adheres to floor or wall
    • Battery operated
    • Includes training manual
    • Part No. 334708
    • Vendor SKU PAWCALL
    • Retail Price$99.99
  2. PetChatz® PETCHATZ_HD PetChatz® HD Digital Daycare

    PetChatz PETCHATZ_HD

    PetChatz® HD Digital Daycare

    • Sleek, durable, pet-safe design
    • Special PetChatz® ringtone to alert pet of incoming call
    • HD, low-light camera with 2-way video
    • High-resolution LCD screen
    • Full-frequency audio system for robust sound
    • Built-in microphone & speakers for 2-way sound
    • Sound detection + alerts
    • Motion detection + alerts
    • Scent diffusion system
    • Treat dispenser (holds approximately 150 treats)
    • Treat level indicator
    • Low-treat volume notification
    • Treat counter (to track number of treats given per day)
    • Free, secure mobile & web app
    • Simple setup & intuitive interface
    • Wi-Fi® & Bluetooth® enabled
    • Compatible with PetChatz® PawCall® (sold separately)
    • Streams DOGTV (subscription required)
    • Requirements:
    • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi® router with WPA/WPA2 security
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) supported
    • High-speed (broadband) internet access to support 2-way video & sound
    • Minimum 2Mbps Internet upload speed
    • Compatible with iPhone® 5 or later & iPad®, optimized for iOS™ 9 or later
    • Compatible with Android™, dual core with Android™ 4.1 or later
    • Computer with a webcam
    • Includes pet-training guide & video, mounting bracket, 1 pack each of PetChatz® Treats & Scentz pads, sample of calm aromatherapy Scentz Essential Oil Drops & installation instructions
    • Part No. 334707
    • Vendor SKU PETCHATZ_HD
    • Retail Price$379.99
  3. PetChatz® STAND PetChatz® Stand

    PetChatz STAND

    PetChatz® Stand

    • Accessory for PetChatz® HD System
    • Provides mobility & versatility for PetChatz® unit
    •  Made from durable, 20-gauge cold rolled steel with glossy black powder-coat finish
    • Weight: 16lbs
    • Includes 3ft USB power supply cord, 4 floor pads, 4 #8-32 by 1/2" Phillips® pan head machine screws & 4 #8-32 nuts
    • Stand is not recommended for unpredictable pets with a history of destructive behavior
    • Part No. 334709
    • Vendor SKU STAND
    • Retail Price$59.99