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Wholesale Preval Painting Distributor Petra Industries Airbrush Spray
Wholesale Preval Distributor Petra Industries

Preval Brings Innovative Spray and Touch-up Solutions to DIY and Pro Markets

Preval is changing the way coatings are applied. This clever and innovative approach provides a superior alternative to finicky, off-the-shelf spray cans or dealing with large air compressors. The Preval system uses proprietary aerosol canisters that attach to reusable, sealable glass containers.

This precision-based technology atomizes fluid at nano-sized droplets—providing amazing versatility. It can deliver both ultrathin and thick coatings to achieve professional-level results that both pros and DIYers will love!

Preval products are ideal for automotive touch-up paint jobs, arts and crafts projects, furniture refinishing, wood working, professionally airbrushed concrete artwork and so much more.

Wholesale Preval Distributor Sprayer System

Preval Sprayer System

The basic system includes a proprietary power unit and a refillable glass jar that can be sealed between uses. The propellant never mixes with the medium, providing a professional-grade finish without a compressor.

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Wholesale Preval Distributor Airbrush System

Preval Airbrush System

The vFan portable airbrush system uses a pocket compressor that attaches to an airbrush that siphons up liquid from a refillable, resealable glass jar. The user can control the flow from a fine line to a fan pattern.

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Wholesale Preval Distributor Paint Accessories

Paint Accessories

From an ergonomic sprayer handle and a mini air compressor to extra glass jars, power units, pocket compressors and airbrushes, Preval offers a number of must-have accessories—ideal for repeat business.

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