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restrict internet access with ryfi distributor Petra Industries

ryfi™ Shows Parents How to Limit WiFi Access Time

The ryfi Kids’ Networking Router from rybot answers one of the common questions parents are asking today: “How do I limit my child’s screen time?” With ryfi!

Designed by parents for parents, ryfi is like training wheels for the Internet! It’s easy to install and doesn’t use ARP-Spoofing, which is known to destabilize Internet connections.

Parents can use ryfi to set up a separate WiFi connection in their home for their kids to use. And the best part is that they can control when this WiFi connection is active and even reward their kids for doing chores or homework by awarding Internet time! It’s a useful tool for teaching kids time management skills.

Bring ryfi into your lineup, and help your customers rethink their home network options!

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