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Wilson Electronics Products from Petra Industries
Wholesale Wilson Electronics Distributors Petra Industries

Boost Your Margins with Range Extenders from Wilson Electronics Distributor Petra Industries!

Dead spots and dropped calls are the bane of any cell phone user’s life—and in today’s hyper-connected world, that’s all of us. It’s always frustrating to lose a phone call when you drive through a dip in the road, or have to leave the house and walk up the drive to get reception in a rural area.

That’s why Wilson Electronics exists.

Wilson has been in business since 1999 making cell phone boosters, staying at the leading edge of technology. They were the first on the market for the United States and Canada and have kept pole position ever since. From in-vehicle boosters to home kits, Wilson has a solution for cell phone connectivity.

Petra is an authorized distributor of Wilson products that can help you reach your customers that might want a bit of a signal boost. With a portfolio of brands including weBoost and WilsonPro, Wilson and Petra can help you connect to new markets and serve your existing customers with the boosters they need.

Expand your range with Petra and Wilson Electronics.

Wilson Electronics Wholesale Distributor - Home/Travel Cell Phone Range Extenders

Home/Travel Cell Phone Range Extenders

With range extenders and signal boosters, your customers can make sure they’re never out of cell phone coverage. Homes and businesses can have a lot of interference that stops signals, so cell phone boosters can help cover dead spots and keep that signal strong. Make sure you’re giving them the boost they need.

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Wilson Electronics Wholesale Distributor - Automotive Cell Phone Range Extenders

Automotive Cell Phone Range Extenders

Cars are among the worst environments for cellular phone connectivity. With a bump from an automotive cellular signal booster, people who spend their lives on the go can enjoy clearer calls, less drops, and easier streaming. These are a no-brainer for anyone who lives their life on the road.

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