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Quick Tips to Get Your Retail Strategy in Gear

#1 – Get Your Cyber Monday Deals in Order

Cyber Monday 2016 became the biggest day in US ecommerce history with upwards of $3.25 billion in sales.

You have to establish deals early. Once they are established how are you notifying your customers? On your website; in their inbox? But remember, if you do it too early it will be easy for your business to be forgotten.

Pro Tip: Develop a timeline outlining your Cyber Monday strategy.

#2 – Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Last year, PayPal saw a 50% growth in mobile payments from online sales during Cyber Monday.

Making your online store user friendly should be a top priority. Every year, more and more shopping will be done from mobile devices. You need to embrace and accommodate these shoppers. You should also test your site to see how it looks from a smartphone and a tablet.

Pro Tip: Simplify the checkout process and enable mobile-friendly technology—one-click checkout, push notifications from apps, text messages, etc.

#3 – Social Media Is Your Friend

Social Media can be vital to your Cyber Monday success.

Implementing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat gives you free access to one of the strongest marketing tools available—word of mouth. When Cyber Monday hits, consider live Tweeting to give moment-by-moment updates of hot deals and fast selling products. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you can stream live video using Facebook Live—these videos could be silly or they could highlight specific products or customer response.

Pro Tip: Use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule posts throughout the week at your convenience. (You can use this infographic to see the best times to schedule posts.)

#4 – Reward Your Social Media Followers

Once you start building a following, start rewarding them. Offer exclusive deals through your different social media channels. Encourage sharing and retweeting by offering special giveaways or savings. People love to win stuff, and if it gets them to promote your brand, it’s a win-win.

Pro Tip: When you encourage people to “like and share” or “follow and retweet,” not only are you building your brand, but you’re encouraging free advertisement.

#5 – Constantly Check Your Website!

If all goes according to plan, you’re going to be getting a lot of traffic.

You must make sure that revamps or changes to your site are ready for Cyber Monday Promos and are complete and working. Double check to make sure all the changes are functional. Links get broken and things go wrong and customers have an even lower tolerance for website malfunctions during this busy time. Every 1-second delay in page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. Is there something on the backend design slowing it down? See if you can pinpoint this and fix it, revisiting those load times can save you some unhappy customers.

Pro Tip: As you’re live tweeting, constantly monitor your website to make sure it is functioning smoothly throughout the day.

#6 – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

75% of Cyber Monday Shopping is done first thing in the morning—nearly a third of shoppers begin their Cyber Monday shopping on Sunday night.

Going back to the previous tip, make sure your website is fully prepared for the traffic to hit early and hit hard. Cyber Monday shoppers will taper off as the day progresses, so you want to make sure everything is golden early on.

Pro Tip: Reward early shoppers with special promotions and make sure they reach you by phone or chat if they have a problem—customer service is key to your success.

# 7 – Offer In-Store Pickup

Our culture has become obsessed with instant gratification—we want stuff, and we want it now.

If you are a brick-and-mortar store, take advantage of the Cyber Monday crowd by offering a Buy Online/Pick Up In-Store option. This allows you to merge the online and in-store experience, plus you can use it as an opportunity to make some add-on sales or promote future deals or products.

Pro Tip: Offer free shipping promotions. Your customers will be glad they can save on shipping but still take advantage of your great Cyber Monday offerings!

#8 – Leverage Your Increased Traffic

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity, but you also must consider the future.

Leverage the increased traffic to your advantage for the rest of the holiday season and year. Take an opportunity to collect email addresses. If you have a loyalty or rewards program, sign customers up and offer special opt-in coupons/specials. Not all traffic is going to result in sales, but you might be able to get email addresses that can result in future sales.

Pro Tip: Consider Cyber Monday the hook—you use it as the setup to attract customers who you can then convert into returning customers.