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When you become a partner with Petra, you get more than access to great products to resale... You will receive the following benefits!

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DEALightful MonDAYS

DEALightful Monday promotions are for orders initiated and completed through the petra.com website only.

Petra connects your business to the products your customers want. One day of the week, some of those products are put on a super-hot, unbelievably good, refresh-your-browser-multiple-times-because-you-don’t-believe-it-can-really-be–THIS-GOOD sale… but today is not that day. That day is MONDAY. These short-lived DEALightful deals, from categories like SmartestHome™, Maximum Mobility™ and Maxcessories™, are only good for 24-hours and change every single week. So we are really sorry you missed this week's deals, but check back next Monday for something really DEALightful.