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Mother's Day gift ideas from wholesale distributor Petra Industries

Adding a Personal Touch: Gifts for Every Mom this Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day is on May 12—which is right around the corner. It’s time for you to stock the best gifts for every mom.

Every mom is different. And every mom deserves the world. Help customers find the best gifts to give thanks to their moms.

Petra carries a diverse range of products that match the wide-ranging interests and personalities that make up today's mom. From tea kettles and massagers to wine coolers and fitness watches, be sure to stock gifts that will make Mother's Day a success for both you and your customers!

Celebrate one-of-a-kind moms with one-of-a-kind gifts

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for safety

The "Momitor"

This mom is acutely aware of potential dangers around the house. Home security products let her rest easy knowing her family is safe.

Gifts for The "Momitor"

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for healthy living and outdoors

Nature Mother

Healthy living and enjoying nature are at the top of this mom's list. Anything that energizes this mom for all four seasons will be a hit.

Gifts for Nature Mother

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for personal care

Grandiose Grandma

Moms and dads love expressing just how much their own moms mean to them. Pampering, personal care products are always appreciated.

Gifts for Grandiose Grandma

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for household

Immaculate Mom

This mom loves practical and clever gifts—anything that makes organization, mealtime prep and cleanup faster and easier!

Gifts for Immaculate Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for working moms

The Workaholic

This mom needs the best gifts to help her unwind after long days at the office. Spoil her into relaxation to help her slow down!

Gifts for The Workaholic

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for pet owners

The Pet Mom

Children might not be in the picture, but these moms dote on their fur babies. From training to playtime, offer the products her and her pets will love.

Gifts for The Pet Mom