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Wholesale Remote Start Kits Distributor
Wholesale Remote Start Distributor Petra Industries

Cater to Car Convenience with Remote Car Starter Kits!

Nobody likes getting into a car that's bone-chattering cold or scorching hot, then waiting for it to be drivable. That's why remote start sales are hot year round, even when the temperature is cold. Couple them with car security products, and these systems become convenient, crime-fighting dynamic duos your customers will love.

Remote starters come in three tiers, although precise features vary from brand to brand and even tier to tier.

  • Basic ones generally start the car, provide keyless entry and pop the trunk
  • The intermediate level adds car security elements like sensors and horn along with starter kill and remote panic capabilities
  • High-end ones add more robust security systems, generate signal ranges of up to one mile, interact with a dedicated smartphone app and may even enable GPS tracking or control a vehicle's climate control settings

All include two remotes, with higher-end units featuring 2-way communications and at least one remote with an LCD screen.

Besides being wonderfully convenient for a car owner, an automatic car starter is also great for your business. These systems are too complicated for DIYers, so professional remote start installation generates an additional revenue stream!

Check out our broad product line of remote starters, auto security products, installation components and accessories from industry-leading companies. Catering to car convenience always boosts your bottom line.


Featuring a wide range of remote start products, CrimeStopper remotes are available in 1-way and 2-way configurations. Plus their FM RF add-on kits are designed to work with Fortin and OFA/ADS data interface modules!


Avital is one of the biggest names in remote start systems. Universally respected and sold across all channels, Avital is the go-to brand that delivers reliable remote start solutions for both keyed and keyless entry systems.


The Python brand has a mystique all its own, wrapping itself around the latest cutting edge technology to provide progressive features in its remote start products. If you're looking for a brand name that's a cut above the rest, choose Python.

Directed Systems

Both Directed Digital Systems and Directed SmartStart systems feature sophisticated remote start features. Their parent company, Directed Electronics, is the largest designer in North America of consumer-branded vehicle remote start and security systems. From remotes that work with OEM keys to SmartStart modules that work with consumers' smartphones, Directed branded products are the choice of smart installers.