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Summer travel tech essentials

Help ‘Em Hit the Road with Ease this Summer

Essential Summer Travel Tech Every Family Needs for Their Summer Adventure

Summer travel is something students and families look forward to every year. And the best travel tech helps keep them protected, secure and entertained when they need it most.

Whether they’re going to the lake or adventuring on the road, there are summer travel tech essentials for everyone.

Partner with Petra today and you’ll find all of the essential items your customers are looking to purchase for their next adventure.

wholesale marine speakers and accessories

Marine Sound

Rock the boat with marine speakers and amplifiers! These tech products give boats an immediate upgrade in sound quality your customers will love.

Buy Marine Speakers and Amplifiers

wholesale portable and headrest dvd players for travel

Automotive DVD Systems

No road trip is complete without quality entertainment for the kids. Petra’s selection of overhead and headrest DVD systems helps keep them entertained.

Buy Automotive DVD Systems

wholesale automotive apppliances

Recreational Appliances

Foods and drinks meant to stay hot or cold won’t suffer with these high-quality recreational appliances. These premium appliances get the job done.

Buy Recreational Appliances

wholesale driving back supports and rests

Driving Ergonomics

Sitting in the car or boat for hours on end can affect all areas of the body. Provide your customers with the relief and ergonomic accessories they need.

Buy Driving Ergonomics

wholesale GPS Navigation and Accessories

GPS Navigation and Accessories

The road trip adventure isn’t complete without the best GPS systems! Give your customers the equipment and accessories they need to ensure safe, timely travel.

Buy GPS Navigation and Accessories

wholesale backup cameras and dash cams

Dash Cams & Back Up Cameras

Help your customers see everything on the open road with high-tech camera systems! Whether they’re driving forward or backing in, these cameras are must-haves.

Buy Dash Cams & Back Up Cameras

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