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Easiest Returns Ever at Petra Industries

Easiest Returns Ever!™

Easiest Returns Ever! lets you manage your return authorization requests online at 24/7 whenever it’s convenient for you. Of course if you prefer we’re available to help with your returns via telephone during regular business hours. You’ll find a complete outline of the simple online process below.


Click "Log In" on the header bar in the upper right corner of and log in.

Log In at


Click "My Account" on the header bar in the upper right corner of

Go to My Account at


Your most recent orders will be displayed on the left side of the page. Look for the "Returns" icon in the Account Menu to the right and click it.

The Your Account tab at


You will be presented with a choice of searching for items to return by SKU, by Petra Part Number, Model Number, or Order Number.

Easiest Returns Ever landing page

Return a Product From Your Purchase History


After entering the Petra SKU, SKU, by Petra Part Number, Model Number, or Order Number into the search bar, you will be presented with product information similar to what you see below. Clicking the text link to "view your entire product purchase history" will return a listing similar to the below product info, listed from the most recent purchase to the oldest. Notice the three buttons on the right. The Return or Replace button on the bottom will take you to the next step in the process.

Easiest Returns Ever Return or Replace


You will then be presented with a pop up “Add to return” window with a brief form with four questions that must be answered and a comment box where you may enter additional information about the return request.

Easiest Returns Ever Add to Return

Click the “Add to Return” button to add the item to your return.


You will then be presented with a “Product Added” pop-up. From there you may view your open return and submit the Return Authorization request or continue adding more items to your return similar to the way you would add more products to a shopping cart when building an order.

Return a Product Success

For our purpose here, we’ll say that we only have this item to return, so we’d click the “Review and complete return request” button.


In your open return request, you have the opportunity to review the request and all of the details you’ve provided for each item you’ve added to your open return “cart.” Here we’ve only added the one item, but an open return will show all of the information you’ve entered for each item that you add to a return request. You also have an opportunity to edit any of the information you’ve provided at this step. Or, if you’ve made an error and selected the wrong product, you can remove the item from the open return.

Easiest Returns Ever Review Open Return Request

When you’ve reviewed and made all of the necessary edits to the information you’d like to submit, click the orange “Send Return Request” button.


The system will then ask for confirmation that you are ready to submit the return request. To complete the submission, click the green “Yes, send it” button.

Easiest Returns Ever Ready to Send

If you’ve created an open return but haven’t completed the process by submitting it to Petra for approval, you can locate your previous entries on an open return by clicking the “Return History” text link on the navigation menu under "My Account."


If you have an open return that has not been submitted, it will appear as an open return at the top of your Returns History with a blue button that will allow you to review and complete a return that has been started.

Easiest Returns Ever My Returns Page

You can also track the status of other returns from the Returns History page. The top of each return will show the RA Number (if it has been issued), the date requested and the status. A progress bar will turn green as each step in the process (Requested-Authorized-Received-Complete) is accomplished.