Strengthening the Relationship Between Consumers and Tech

CTA Digital’s product lineup makes life and business more efficient

The tech industry changes every day—and CTA Digital provides the ultimate solution to everyday challenges.

For over two decades, CTA Digital has been manufacturing innovative tech accessories consumers and business owners need for their daily activities and business operations. The company prides itself on being the go-to resource people need when they want an easier way to handle their devices. Whether it’s for checking out at the register or sharing video clips with friends, CTA Digital products like mounts and stands make tablet usage effortless.

If your customers are gaming enthusiasts, they need the ultimate accessories for their gaming pleasures. CTA Digital’s high-quality gaming accessories let your customers enjoy their favorite past time even more.

Tablet Mounts

CTA Digital mounts give your customers versatile control. With mounts for home, office and vehicle to choose from, customers can find their ideal mount.


Tablet Stands

Tablet stands allow your customers to use their portable electronics with ease and efficiency. Offer your customers these convenient stand options!



iPads and tablets need protection, and your customers know that. Provide them with the ultimate security solutions with CTA Digital cases!


Gaming Accessories

Every gamer needs the best accessories for gaming marathons. Help them compete and play with CTA Digital gaming accessories!