Driven by DB wholesale distributor of car audio

Ready for a new brand from the experts in car audio?

DRIVEN by DB Drive is here—the latest product lineup from DB Research!

Ever since they burst into the car audio scene in 1999, enthusiasts have looked to DB Drive for peak car audio performance products. DB Drive knows car audio inside and out. They design, build, engineer and test every product to exact specifications. And from these exacting standards, the new DRIVEN by DB Drive was born.

DRIVEN by DB Drive is a true enthusiast series, patiently developed to embody performance and value that’s balanced for success. DRIVEN by DB Drive amps and subs are manufactured to the same specs and requirements as other DB Drive products. The result? The best, non-competition-grade car audio products that will please the most discerning of ears. And because of Petra’s long-standing partnership with DB Drive, Petra was chosen to launch this new brand and be the exclusive wholesale distributor of DRIVEN by DB Drive products.

Automotive Subwoofers

Subwoofers do more than add thump. They breathe life into music by recreating the low frequencies that typical car speakers miss. From rock to rap to classical, the addition of bass will restore what’s missing and let your customers reconnect to the music they love.

Automotive Amplifiers

Whether you need a 4-channel amp or a monoblock, DRIVEN by DB Drive has you covered. Both amps are full range and provide plenty of power. Plus, the RCA outputs can be daisy-chained to power even more speakers or woofers!