Fellowes: Creating a Better Workplace One Product at a Time

To keep an office going, you need supplies.

To make an office efficient, you need productivity enhancing accessories.

Fellowes provides both the essentials and the enhancers. They’ve made a living for over 100 years greasing the wheels of offices everywhere. When it comes to everything from shredders to mouse pads, this company has what it takes to keep a modern company’s physical needs filled. Petra stocks the Fellowes accessories your customers are looking for—stock up on our whole selection below.

Paper Shredders, Trimmers and Laminators

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Technology is changing the face of offices, but business still generates a tremendous amount of paper. Fellowes makes trimmers and laminators to finish up important documents—and they also make shredders to dispose of them when they’re done. Making documents either more readable or unreadable is a job for a Fellowes machine—and you can find them right here at Petra.

Office Organization and Ergonomics

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When it comes to making an office productive, organization and ergonomics play a huge role. Reducing repetitive stress injuries, creating intuitive filing systems and organizing important documents are all tasks Fellowes has plenty of experience helping with. If your corporate customers are looking for ways to make themselves more efficient, see Petra’s selection of Fellowes products.

Computer Peripherals

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Computers sit at the center of modern life, and especially the modern office. When it comes to practical, ergonomic solutions for corporate computing, Fellowes is at the top of the game. With a large selection of mice, mousepads, keyboards and more, Petra’s stock of Fellowes computer peripherals will work for any office.


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Fellowes isn’t just serving the workplace any more. The same simple, fuss-free design that makes their products a mainstay in business translates to their home products. From purifying air to safeguarding sensitive home electronic devices, Petra has the Fellowes products that will solve home issues and make a house a home.