Garmin — Wholesale Outdoor Recreation and Fitness Products for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Navigate customer growth with Garmin outdoor recreation and fitness products.

Garmin makes products that are engineered for life on the outside.

They bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets.

Garmin has the gear to push your customers to the next level in their active lifestyles. From GPS navigators and dash cameras to sport watches and recreational products, Garmin provides products that every day consumers find useful and necessary.

Garmin GPS

Track your location from anywhere in the world with Garmin’s GPS Navigators! These accurate, high-tech navigation systems calculate 2-d positions and track movements and other information such as speed, trip distance, sunrise and sunset time and more.


Garmin Dash/Backup Cameras

Garmin Dash/Backup Cameras are the ideal passenger. Compact and out of sight, these cameras help your customers drive with confidence and security thanks to their recording capabilities in case accidents occur.


Garmin Fitness

Whether your customers want to begin a healthy lifestyle or already have one, these Garmin fitness products will take them further. From fitness bands to smartwatches, taking steps toward a more active lifestyle starts here.


Garmin Outdoor Recreation

Give your customers a sense of adventure with Garmin Outdoor Recreation products! No matter how they spend their time outside, these wholesale products.