For Reliable Communications in Bad Weather, Choose the Motorola Talkabout 2 Way Radios!

When the weather gets wild, the unpredictable happens. Prep your customers for severe weather season with the right 2 way radios that will keep them connected and weather-aware. Motorola 2 way radios receive NOAA weather alerts and have a communication range up to 25 or 35 miles, depending on the model. Motorola radios will operate on either alkaline batteries or the included rechargeable batteries so they are easy to operate for long stretches of time.

Motorola Solutions does more than build walkie talkies. They build lifelines to enable their customers—whether in the public or private sector—to be ready in the moments that matter most. If the power goes out and cell phone towers go down, prep your customers with Motorola Walkie Talkies.

2-Way Radios

Whether your customers need a dependable 2-way radio for the campsite or the job site, Motorola has the products they’re looking for. Their durable Talkabout line covers distances up to 35 miles and are loaded with features that your customers will love.

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2-Way Radio Accessories

Petra also supplies the accessories you need to package with these Talkabout radios for great add-on opportunities. Find headsets, replacement batteries, carrying cases and more to round out your inventory and keep your customers satisfied.

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