High-Performance Products to Stay Aware and Prepared

When it comes to preparedness and gathering key information to make informed decisions, Whistler is the name consumers turn to. Whistler has been an innovator in automotive electronics for almost 50 years. The Whistler brand was firmly established with laser-radar detectors, and the company continues to be a market leader in this space. Whistler’s line of products has grown to include radio scanners, power management, auto security and inspection tools.

Throughout the years, Whistler has innovated and patented important product advances, resulting in first-to-market accomplishments and top performance rankings. This relentless pursuit of innovative design and technology ensures a high-performance, user-friendly and value-priced product that consumers trust and embrace.

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Radio Scanners

Changes in weather, natural disasters and civil emergencies are unpredictable. Whistler’s digital and analog scanners keep users prepared for any severe scenario.

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Auto Security/Detection

Good visibility out car windows isn’t enough to keep drivers and their loved ones safe. Backup cameras and radar detectors provide greater situational awareness.

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Inspection Tools

Whistler color inspection cameras take users deep into places the eye can never see to find out what’s wrong. They are resistant to diesel, gas, water, alcohol and oil.

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Power Management

Whether it’s converting DC power to useful AC power or charge up a dead battery, Whistler has options ranging from 12-volt accessory port to direct-wire solutions.

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