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Wholesale APC Power Protection and battery backup distributor
Wholesale APC Power Protection Distributor Petra Industries

APC: Certainty in a connected world

Why power connection is a must-have

The popularity of smart devices and the rising adoption of IoT has made data a must-have for all industries.

As the reliance on data grows, an intelligent, dynamic system must be put in place to keep it secure and make it available wherever and whenever customers require it. In today’s connected world, your customers deserve integrated solutions for the transformation of IT.

APC’s proven industry leadership, combined with the largest community of IT partners, has resulted in collaborative technology that delivers connectivity, reliability and accessibility through simplified delivery and expert services.

As the industry leader in integrated physical infrastructure and software, APC is proud to work with Petra on providing reliable and innovative solutions that help keep the power on and the data flowing.

Wholesale Power Protection for Home Theater

Power Protection for Home Theater

The best home theaters include intelligent, efficient power protection. These APC products ensure your customers won’t have to worry about not watching their favorite movies and TV shows.

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Wholesale Battery Backups for Workstations

Power Protection for Workstations

Power protection shouldn’t be limited to home theaters only. Your customers need security for their workstations, too! These APC products are ideal for home offices and businesses of varying sizes, offering reliable protection for home and business applications.

Buy APC Power Protection for Workstations Now

Wholesale replacement battery cartridges for battery backups

Replacement Battery Cartridges

These APC replacement battery cartridges restore power back-up capacity for home offices, small businesses and IT departments. The cartridges offer safe and reliable support to the UPS and come fully assembled with easy-to-follow instructions.

Buy APC Replacement Battery Cartridges Now