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Pioneer Distributor Petra Industries
Wholesale Pioneer Distributor Petra Industries

Blaze New Territory with Pioneer Wholesale Distributor Petra Industries!

Why is Pioneer a top-tier brand?

High-end quality. Seamless connectivity. Ease of use.

Petra has been an authorized Pioneer distributor of car stereo products since 2000. Pioneer utilizes innovative technology to create a more enjoyable ride. And Petra has the inside track and best prices when it comes to the latest Pioneer head units, subwoofers, speakers and rearview cameras.

Forge new roads in sales with Pioneer products from Petra!

Pioneer Wholesale Distributors Automotive Receivers

Automotive Receivers

Pioneer head units and car radios give any vehicle's entertainment system the ultimate upgrade. High-quality audio and video coupled with a wide range of entertainment and connectivity options that are updated every year provide a listening experience well beyond the traditional car stereo.

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Wholesale Pioneer Car Audio Amps, Speakers and Subwoofers

Automotive Amps, Speakers & Subwoofers

Factory-installed speakers get in the way of the perfect drive. Pioneer amps, speakers and subwoofers bring new power and clarity to audio, making them the perfect choice for audio and automotive fans alike. Offer the bass, treble and bounce that consumers crave.

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Pioneer Distributor Wholesale Marine Audio

Marine Audio

The marine environment is particularly challenging to audio reproduction. Pioneer's well-deserved accolades extend to their Nautica line of marine speakers. Featuring heavy-duty construction that strenuously resists water, corrosion, heat and sunlight, these speakers deliver lots of bass for marine audio at its best.

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