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Whistler—Improved Safety for Everyday Travel
Whistler—Improved Safety for Everyday Travel

Whistler Vehicle Accessories for Safe Travel

Whether a customer is on the road, working on a project, sitting at home or enjoying the outdoors, Whistler makes life safer. They have created a powerful line of radar detectors, digital scanners, backup cameras, dash cams, inspection cameras, jump starters and power inverters to help life go smoothly and safely.

Whistler’s products are backed by years of research and consistently provide reliable results to ensure customers are always getting exactly what they paid for.

Having Whistler in your inventory will ensure you can keep your customers prepared for the unexpected.

Wholesale Radar Detectors from Whistler

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors can keep drivers feeling worry free knowing they have technology that has their back. Whistler radar detectors have consistently been among the most reliable at ensuring customers keep from going too fast.

Shop Whistler Radar Detectors

Digital Scanners from Whistler

Digital Scanners

Weather and other emergencies can sneak up on people. Whistler’s digital scanners let users have an ear to the ground when severe weather, natural disaster or other emergencies are happening.

Shop Whistler Digital Scanners

Dash Cams & Backup Cameras from Whistler

Dash Cams & Backup Cameras

Whistler is more than just radar detectors and scanners. They have high quality backup cameras and dash cams to give drivers a greater awareness of their surroundings and to capture every moment on the road.

Shop Whistler Dash Cams & Backup Cameras

Wholesale Inspection Cameras from Whistler

Inspection Cameras

Many DIY projects involve tight, hard-to-reach places. That’s where Whistler’s inspection cameras come in. They allow users to get an up-close and personal view in those tight spaces, making those DIY projects a breeze.

Shop Whistler Inspection Cameras

Power Inverters from Whistler

Power Inverters

Taking power on the go is a must have for many customers today. Whistler’s power inverters let users keep USB- and AC-powered devices ready to go.

Shop Whistler Power Inverters

Jump Starters from Whistler

Jump Starters

Eventually a car battery is going to sputter or die and require a jump for the driver to get on the road. Whistler offers jump starter kits that are designed for cars, SUVs and trucks, so your customers can get back to their travels.

Shop Whistler Jump Starters