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Wholesale Winegard distributor Petra Industries
Winegard HDTV antenna Distributor Petra Industries

The Winegard HDTV Antenna Line Boosts Signal and Profits

From Yagis to portable satellite dishes, Winegard has them all

The Winegard Company has been a global manufacturing leader of antenna products since 1954. Since that time, the company has racked up an impressive list of industry firsts, including the first all-channel US antenna, the first RV-specific antenna and the first RV antenna compatible with DIRECTV HD.

Winegard Company engineers are experts in antenna systems design, with more than 80 patents granted. In-house design and manufacturing engineering expertise are consistently applied in the development of new products. The result is a full line of high-quality, long-lasting antenna solutions for homes, RVs and more.

From the RV satellite DISH Playmaker to indoor and outdoor antennas, Winegard and Petra offer the greatest selection of crystal clear value for both retailers and consumers.

Wholesale Winegard HDTV antenna

Indoor and Outdoor HDTV Antennas

From thin and flexible indoor antennas to Yagi and bowtie outdoor antennas, Winegard antennas solve virtually every reception issue, pleasing cord-cutters all across the US.

Wholesale DISH Playmaker

Portable Satellite Dishes

Satellite reception for RVs can be challenging. The Winegard Pathway X2 and the DISH Playmaker satellite antenna and receiver bundles are the ideal solutions for mobile lifestyles.

Wholesale Winegard HD-6010

HD Radio Antennas

Winegard outdoor HD radio antennas are ideal for boosting FM radio reception in urban and suburban areas. Help customers strengthen reception with powerful Winegard antennas.

Wholesale Winegard antenna accessories

TV Antenna Accessories

From dish tripod mounts and satellite finders to couplers, antenna mounts, amps and preamps, the Winegard selection of antenna accessories help make installations robust and safe.

Wholesale Winegard ConnecT

WiFi Extenders

WiFi reception outside the home can be hit and miss. Extend a home’s WiFi reach to create an outdoor network with Winegard WiFi extenders!